Why We Love This Case for Samsung S20 (And You Should, Too!)

There are a lot of different cases for your Samsung Galaxy S20 available right now. Samsung is making a few changes to their new phone as well as some additional features that you should be interested in. If you want to find the best Samsung s20 case, then you’ll want to read this article now and find out which is the best one. The one that we love and you should too.

There are several cases available for your phone and we have rounded them all up here for you. Whether you are looking for a cell phone skin, a keyboard cover, or something else, we have what you need. Of course, we will talk about our favorite Samsung s20 case we love most later on. But first, let’s sample some of the available options you can choose from.

The Parallax Samsung S20 Case

The first case we are going to talk about is the Parallax case for your Samsung Galaxy S20. This is the best case if you like a little more “bouncy.” It’s in fact, bouncier than some of the other cases available.

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The Parallax case has a textured back that contours to your device and also provides a little extra protection along with it. One of the best features of this case is the ability to have a magnetic clasp on the side so that you can easily turn it on and off. It is made out of ballistic nylon which is strong and durable and will stand up against anything you can think of.

Totallee Thin Samsung S20 Case

Next up is the Totallee thin Samsung s20 case for your device. This is another great case that is made out of ballistic nylon but it also adds a little bit of “bounce” to it. The Totallee thin case has a contoured front that provides a sleek look for your phone and it also provides protection. One thing that the Totallee thin case lacks though is a magnetic clasp. If that is something you find important, then this case might not be worth it for you.

The Totallee Rugged Samsung S20 Case

The next case to look at is the Totallee rugged Samsung s20 case. The Totallee series case is a rugged case from Totallee that offers protection. This series case has a full metal backplate that provides toughness and has a brushed feel.

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On the inside, there is a cell phone sleeve that keeps your phone securely in place. This case is perfect for anyone who is looking for a little extra protection.

Otterbox Commuter Series Samsung S20 Case

Another Samsung s20 case to check out is the Otterbox commuter series case. This pretty heavily padded, fairly thick case has a breathable material. This material also makes it very resistant to impact as well as bumps.

It has enough padding all around, including the corners. This case has a strong grip so you won’t slip and you won’t have to worry about your phone sliding through your hands.

Otterbox Ringke X Samsung S20 Case

The last case to consider is the Otterbox Ringke x case. This case has a very nice high-quality material and is another moderately bulky protective casing. The overall size is small but this is a really good phone for anyone who needs an easy-to-handle, durable phone case. The Otterbox Ringke x case fits this bill perfectly.

Editor’s Pick: Turtleback Samsung S20 Case

Now here comes the best bit of all – the turtleback Samsung s20 case. We pick this case as the best and most favorite due to the amount of flexibility it possesses. It has good padding that protects your phone throughout, even during those accidental slips.

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The outer layer is equally rough enough for you to hold it firmly so that you can avoid dropping the phone. This is especially great for those with butter fingers or sweaty hands. Not to say that even if you have a firm grip you can’t drop your phone accidentally.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Samsung s20 cases to date. There are many more cases to look at like the Spigen Liquid Shield and the Trion Spanner, but the ones we have reviewed here are very good. You can also get other Samsung products like the Zen UI and the Zen Card. All of these products are rugged options that will protect your investment.

If you want a really good looking Samsung s20 case, then take a look at the Turtleback case and the Otterbox case. These are the best and most affordable on the market. If you want a really good looking case, focus more on the turtleback Samsung s20 case. This is a very affordable and rugged case option.

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