Why you should get the SAFe® Agilist Certification!

Businesses nowadays are rapidly adopting the principles of Agile and discovering the possibilities of how implementing it can transform their business performance. As such people with a strong understanding of the Agile principles are very much in demand by these companies so that they can help them install these principles of Agile into their own organizational working structures. As such, this position needs to be filled with a well-educated professional who is in touch with Agile. This is where SAFe® Agilist Certification comes in. The certification is proof that the individual has an intrinsic and in-depth understanding of the Agile Principles and can be very helpful to interested businesses. 

What is the role of a Certified SAFe® Agilist?

A Certified SAFe® Agilist has the knowledge and expertise that is needed to implement the Agile Principles and Constructs into a business organization. This involves the implementation of Agile product development, and the management of that agile portfolio to ensure efficiency in the workings of the business. This ensures that the shareholders and the customers of the business receive a continuous flow of the value that they deserve. SAFe Agilist also has to create sustainable and safe business practices. By using their knowledge of Agile, SAFe Agilists can successfully apply the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework to any business that needs it. 

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How to become a SAFe Agilist?

The process to become a SAFe Agilist is very simple and doesn’t require hours and hours of training and studying. In order to get SAFe Agilist Certification, you need to take a course from an affiliated trainer in order to learn the first principles of Agile. After a two-day course, you need to give an examination. Before taking the exam, you need to have 5 or more years of experience in software development and business analysis along with a basic understanding of Scrums. Only then can you take the Leading SAFe course. The exam is an MCQ-based paper that has 45 questions out of which you need to correctly answer 35 questions. The duration of the examination is 90 minutes. After passing the examination you will receive your SAFe Agilist Certification in your email. After becoming an Agilist you can now enlist for jobs in businesses seeking to fill Agile management positions. 

You also have access to forums where you can communicate and interact with other experienced and new Agilists in order to continue learning. You also will have access to several resources for further studying Agile, and will also be able to go to meet-ups and events organized under the topic of the Scaled Agile banner. 


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Becoming a SAFe Agilist is a dream job for many people and once you have taken the course, you will definitely have taken a step forward towards a brighter career. For those with a knack for digital technology and an interest in the field of business, this is a great opportunity that has a low barrier of entry and the possible rewards are great!

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