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Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to create original content for YouTube. The competition is huge in every niche and everybody is struggling for their audience and get more YouTube views. Even the most trustworthy and cheapest website cannot help you if you are stuck on creating new stuff for your channel. Of course, the ultimate goal is to produce unique and outstanding content, but sometimes general ideas can help you to enhance your performance. Here are gathered some universal tips that can assist you in creating something new and interesting for the audience.


One of the most common topics to turn the attention of the public to your content. You can do something well? Share your knowledge with others! You will get your dreamed YouTube views for sure. Tutorials of different kinds are attracting users that weren’t even interested in them in the first place. The key to the success of educational content lies in shooting skills. So, if you are going to make educational content, you have to follow certain rules:

  • Invest in good gear. When you are filming processes that are done with your hands, some DIY stuff that includes small parts, it is important to be able to shoot videos in high resolution, so later viewers could watch the material and see each tiniest detail
  • Take care of your hands. To create an attractive and vivid image, you have to watch out for aesthetics. Hands with bad manicures and sickly-looking skin will irritate your viewers, and they would prefer another artisan who is demonstrating lesser skill but has a more pleasant image. However shaming this may sound to you, the fact is here – visuals matter in terms of attracting the audience, so you must deal with it. Besides, having a classy manicure can be fun!
  • Be neat. Yes, creative people often work only in the organized chaos, but for education, you must make sure that everything is settled obviously and in a tidy way. It is important that your viewers can see clearly what are the materials and tools they need for work and how everything is done. 
  • Add captions with descriptions of materials and processes. This practice is helpful for your spectators – they can pause the video and screenshot or rewrite the information they need.
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This is the guilty pleasure of the modern community – we all sometimes like to sneak peek at what famous people are doing. This is one of the most successful niches on YouTube because it allows you to piggyback on the popularity of celebrities, but to do it in your unique way. Reviewing how they live, what they do, what they wear, and who they spend time with is a highly engaging topic to use, so if you are interested in the celebrity life yourself and have a certain point of view – why not share it? This type of content on the platform is quite popular but to reach the audience of this niche you also need to get enough views. You can do it organically and very slowly or just buy first plays on YT video which can get it to “Recommendations”. So what should I do to be the best in this type of content?  

  • Speaking about morals – you actually shouldn’t judge other people. So keep your criticism and opinions in a rather neutral and polite manner.
  • If you are going for criticism any way – for example, dresses, make-ups, or something like that – be constructive and add supporting facts and knowledge that make your criticism righteous. 
  • Avoid information that you are not able to approve. Spreading lies is going to give you a bad reputation. 
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You cannot survive one day without a hilarious joke? Funny comparisons are appearing in your mind like shooting stars? There is always space for new comedians on YouTube! Besides, the material for new parodies and films will never end, and that makes your channel practically evergreen. Movies, songs, books, popular personalities from the internet – everything is in your hands.

Doing comedy videos is a great way to gross a loyal fan base – people often use social media as a tool for dropping of stress after a busy day, and just have fun. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start doing comedy:

  • Things are truly funny when people can relate to them. Keep your topics connected to reality and you will get a lot of shares and recognition
  • Remember that the modern world’s main trend is tolerance. Of course, there is a place for humor on edge, but you have to be careful with such type of content. 
  • If you are doing parodies and makeovers there a two main concepts to follow – totally DIY props that look hilarious but childish; and professional looks and props, that require finance and skills. These two concepts cannot be mixed together.
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This industry requires good investments, but if you are not sure that you can afford a big trip, start with the closest areas. With the current pandemic, this niche is harder to embrace. But it also gives us new destinations and curious places nearby. 

  • The key to an impressive traveling blog is your personality. The popularity of the biggest travel shows and blogs is built on the charisma of the host.
  • Before stepping on the road, research the destination and find something exclusive and interesting to see
  • Of course you cannot avoid popular places that are widely known already. But this is a chance for you to show your original way of thought. 


This industry also has endless space for new faces and ideas. If you have skills in make-up or you love to explore styles of fashion, YouTube is a perfect place to share your thoughts. Make-up and fashion is a great way to express yourself and connect with like-minded crowd. 

Also, being a beauty blogger on YouTube means you combine all the categories mentioned here:

  • Tutorials. Let’s be honest, before MUA’s from YouTube we didn’t know what’s a contouring.
  • Comedy/ parody: some people use their skills for creating outstanding looks mimicking famous people and even events.
  • Celebrities: what makeup and clothes famous people wear – great theme for content!
  • At last but not the least, some bloggers simply demonstrate their personality through design and fashion. And they get a lot of spectators too.
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