A 58 year old lady showcases her bravery stint through online streaming

NewsDio Desk : Michelle Statham is a proud grand mother of two lovely kids and she is known for her extreme passion of nurturing them. Besides essaying her role as a nanny, she is equally known for her active online reputation for her role as “Tactical Gramma”. 

As a 58 years old lady, she has garnered enough reputation by posting on platforms such as TikTok. She is known for being an active online person who has created a rage of sorts while giving audience “Call of Duty: Warzone” which is an enchanting video game dedicated for PCs. Her craze has been well appreciated since the time it was launched in March 2020. It took a little time for her game to gather huge popularity which has reached the heights of over 85 million players. 

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Statham has created her own base in various platforms such as Facebook Gaming, Twitch etc. However, it is TikTok which has proved to be the best platform for her in gathering so much of accolades and appreciation. 

Fans love her

She has credited with huge fan following with over 570000 followers. 

Michelle Statham who has become popular amongst her TikTok fans as “Tactical Gramma” has reached out to her fans by sharing an image with one of her grandkids.

USA Today interviewed her where she dedicated her online popularity to the motivation which she has got in the form of her husband and kids who have always pushed her to try online streaming.

Earlier she was skeptical of trying her stint in the online field, considering her age, but she felt that she has nothing to lose even if no one likes her. It is this feeling that gave her enough of encouragement to try something like this.  

Statham who is a family woman and live with her husband, daughter as well as son-in-law with two lovely grand kids has been crazy about playing video games all her life. While suffering from arthritis, she preferred to switch over to a PC.

She took to online streaming after pandemic 

Last year, proved to be quite a turning phase for her, as the pandemic necessitated majority of people confined to their homes, she decided to cache on the available opportunity while beginning to start streaming in a full-fledged manner. 

She has been putting a lot of hard work as she is really passionate about the work and seeing the excitement and response from her fans, has equally made her even more dedicated to her work. Likewise, she was able to put in roughly 40 hours a week where a majority of time she can be seen involving her on Facebook Gaming while she equally spends time on Twitch. 

She is an extremely brave woman and it is further proven through her TikTok features clip where she uses a sniper rifle to counter the effects of opponents at the Warzone matches. 

Her audience has really liked and appreciated her massive stint as a brave woman where one of her related videos got a boost at the time it was uploaded on January 28th.

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