All American Season 4: Full of Drama And Excitement- Release Date, Cast and Storyline

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The All American Season 4 is full of drama and excitement. It starts with a huge party at Grant’s house, where the team celebrates their victory. However, there are plenty of problems ahead for the Panthers. The All-American season 4 has an exciting cast and plot that will keep you on your toes!

Release date:

25 October 2021

Cast and characters:

– Shaelyn Nelson

– Grant Taylor: Quarterback and Shaelyn’s boyfriend

– Grant Lonas: Linebacker

– Alli Silver: Shaelyn’s sister

– Imani Taylor: Tight End

– Kenyon Jackson: Defensive Lineman

– Ronnie Jefferson Jr.: Wide Receiver, All-City Quarterback, Grant’s best friend. He is the son of All-City Dads’ coach Ronnie Jefferson Sr.

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– Coach Tyrone Jackson Jr.: Head Coach Panthers

Plot summary:

The events in season four pick up where the third left off at the big game, with Shaelyn and Grant celebrating their victory. Alli is ready to play in college, but she needs a scholarship and it looks like her academic future might be on the line if she doesn’t get one by September first.

All American season 4 Release date, cast and more

Alli decides to try out for an NFL team during their combine week with Kenyon as her trainer so they can build up some footage that may help Alli get a scholarship. Alli is not the only one who has to worry about school because Kenyon’s grades are slipping and he doesn’t know how Alli will react when she finds out that her dad failed his history class.

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All American Season Four is full of drama and excitement and Alli’s focus shifts as she struggles with her academics. Alli might not be All American for long if she doesn’t get a scholarship soon.

What’s new in season four?

Alli’s grades are slipping because Alli is focused on All American and Kenyon can’t keep up with his history class. Alli also has to try out for an NFL team during combine week in order to get more footage that might help Alli get a scholarship, but Alli isn’t the only one who needs school work done; Kenyon also needs Alli to tutor him. All American fans will not want to miss the new season of one of their favourite shows!

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All American Season four is a drama and excitement that will keep you on your toes! Alli Silver, All American Running Back and Shaelyn’s sister has been playing for All America Panthers since she was in high school. Alli gets into an accident with Ronnie Jefferson Jr., All American Wide Receiver, and All-City Quarterback. Alli is in a coma for the rest of All American Season four, but there are plenty of other storylines to keep you entertained!

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