An arena to party

After a long tiresome successful week, nothing will be much fulfilling like a lovely weekend out with your wild friends. Celebrating each milestone in your life or your line of work is always a great deal, and you want to make every minute of it count.

A great party will be determined by the place and the people around you. The truth is the environment where the party or the hangout will be held will determine about eighty percentages of the people’s moods. An out of the imagination location will spark fun, wild feelings in you and your friends. Think of Darling Harbor parties if you are in Sydney’s hottest waterfronts and want to have a memorable night out.

You are promised to have a night to remember. Talk of the splendid views from the harbours, the endless array of activities to enjoy with your friends, and the latest games in the market incorporated with the latest technology such as virtual reality, the pool, and the arcade are a sure bet experience at this venue. All your friends’ interests and hobbies are put in one basket to ensure everyone has a blast time.

You are probably thinking, what about your empty bellies. All your needs are catered for under the same roof; you are promised to receive five-star hotel treatment with Instagram-worthy delicacies. You will surely be ordering an extra plate for everyone. The cocktail bar has the best mixologist in town to provide you with your favorite shots and cocktails throughout the night.

You can book a party you plan to hold, from your birthday parties to your business meetings. The arena is spacious enough to accommodate up to sixty people in one sitting.

Here are some of the promised activities that you are bound to enjoy at the Darling Harbour parties.

The zap and dodge

All laser tag lovers here is your opportunity to shine. Your adrenaline will be over the roof at the end of the party. It is an all-inclusive activity; whether you are a beginner or a pro at shooting, you are promised to have a blast time. The game’s venue accommodates up to forty people ensuring that no one is left out of the fun.


It is time to stop with the I can roll it better than you and get into action. It does not have to be chitchat all the time. The twenty-pin bowling lanes allow several people to go at it and prove their game expertise simultaneously. Let us crown the real winner. The Darling Harbour parties are the place to be.


A party is not complete without singing your lungs out. Karaoke is scientifically proven as a stress-release method. Bring out the Beyoncé in you and live in the moment.

Table tennis

It is always a good challenge to show your mates how well you can outdo them in topspin table tennis. Truth is said, they have nothing on you, and you can prove it on the tables.

It is arcade time

Lap your mates on the classic driving simulator Daytona, put your skills to the test on the Mega Stacker and show your prowess. Your boy crew is assured of enjoying the latest games in the market. New game pieces of equipment are relatively expensive to purchase. You get a test to enjoy the latest technology at the venue, which helps you purchase them in the long run.

Our virtual reality pieces of equipment, such as the headsets, allows you to experience a new dimension of gaming. You get to experience the games in a real-world simulation.

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