AR zone app for Iphone and android

AR Zone App for iphone

Augmented Reality can be easily and widely used on iPhone and it offers a great ease when compared to virtual reality which depends on apps and hardware. ( Read also : How to remove AR Zone App )

Therefore, this is where AR Zone App for iphone offers mind-blowing features. Thanks to the release of iOS 11, recent series of iPhones support augmented reality. The most obvious and prime example can be regarded that of ARKit framework which has been basically developed to create Augmented Reality app.  Literally, there has been flooding of AR apps with the arrival of iOS 11 and ARKit.  Similarly, there is reality kit which offers mind-blowing and cutting edge framework which enhances the experience of AR.  It can be best experienced. There are additionally series of features which will literally force you to dive into an altogether different world. Quite like the feature Amikasa which helps you to figure out the exact placement of the furniture before you actually buy one for your house. Since, It assists you with the exact placement. ( Read also : Everything You Need to Know About the AR Zone App )

AR Zone App for Android

AR Zone App for Android gives the chance for Samsung mobile users with awesome AR related noteworthy features in the form of AR Emoji and AR Doodle. These features basically create another level of excitement by adding more fun, creative and artistic quotient to the normal or monotonous looking photos or videos. This obviously adds another level of fun which users really like and it automatically develops a sense of attraction with the same.  Any android user can enjoy the AR services, and you don’t need to specifically be a Samsung owner. You just have to download Google Play AR services application from Goggle play store where you are going to dive into the world of endless fun and excitement.  ( Read also : Some Interesting FAQs about AR Zone App )

Is AR zone app free?

Yes, mostly the app is free, but when it comes to using some of the sophisticated and advanced version, then you are required to make the payment. 

Final thoughts

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The future of AR seems to be ever growing. Researchers are making their way to include the technology in contact lenses along with other wearable devices. Let’s have fingers crossed and it will create a new era where lives will be different for sure. 

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