Best OSRS AFK Money Making Methods

There are some very effective ways for you to make money in OSRS whilst being away from the keyboard.

If it’s starting to get late in the day and you aren’t satisfied with the OSRS GP that you have made so far, then you aren’t likely going to want to stop. You don’t want to have to resort to finding somewhere to buy OSRS gold to make up for it, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. With games like Old School Runescape, the likes of time are always working against you, considering just how much of it is consumed. As much as we would like to, we can’t all spend the entire day and night racking up enough OSRS gold to make us rich, which is why many adopt AFK methods to make bank. If you would like to know what these methods are, then read on. 


One of the old-school skills added to the game, Woodcutting is something that can be very resourceful with making money whilst you are AFK. Setting aside the profits for a second, the logs that you cut here can be very effective for other skills such as construction, fletching, and others. 

Back to the moneymaking, and we can get a tidy profit by finding Magic trees, which you can access from level 75. After all, the key to this making sure you know what kind of trees to cut to make the most profit. To get started, head to the Hosidius House near Great Kourend. There is a bank nearby too for added convenience for this method. 

Once you arrive, find a Magic tree and start swinging. You will soon be racking up magic logs which can be a multimillion OSRS gold money earner whilst you chill, chat with friends, or even sleep. 

Karambwan Fishing

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If you want a simplistic yet profitable AFK method, then we are off to do a bit of fishing. Specifically, we are going to be Karambwan Fishing, since this can net you plentiful OSRS gold. To do so, you are going to need access to Fairy Rings, as well as a Ring of Dueling, plus a Karambwan Vessel and over 300 Raw Karambwanji. 

Firstly, use the DKP code on a Fairy Ring that you can teleport to. Go to the fishing area and use your Karambwan Vessel and fill your inventory with as many of the fish as you can carry. Once you are done, teleport yourself over to Castle Wars and bank the fish you have caught. After that, go back and repeat the process. The reason that this is one of the more favourable fishing methods over others is that the Karambwans are always found in the same location, which makes this a very effective AFK technique to garner a lot of OSRS gold. 

Cooking Sharks 

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This method isn’t necessarily limited to sharks, since you should pretty much cook whatever you can when playing OSRS. Since what you cook can turn in a great profit, this is a great method for you to check out. However, in order for it to have any effect, then you are going to need to find out what kind of food that players are buying. 

In terms of general OSRS money making, the likes of lobsters are very profitable, but it is in fact sharks that are the most effective to look into here. This is because you can earn over 100,000 OSRS gold in a single hour by simply buying 1,000 raw sharks and cooking them before selling them on. So now that you have made that method down, why not leave the game running and catch up some on errands? Catherby Range and the Cooking Guild are good locations for this technique if you want to make the most of your time. 

These are three great methods for you to use in order to gain OSRS gold whilst on the go. So before you attempt to find somewhere that has OSRS gold for sale, then consider giving these methods a go. Perhaps you have some homework, chores, work, or socializing to be getting on with, and you need to set the game down for a little while. If that’s the case, then there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to make a hefty profit whilst you do so. This will give you more time to enjoy the vast adventures that OSRS has in store for you without having to worry about the uphill grind of gaining riches. 

Have you tried out these OSRS AFK money making methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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