Escape From Tarkov: How To Beat Tagilla

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If you have played or even read about the shooting game Escape from Tarkov ESP, you would know who Tagilla is. In case you don’t know, he’s the Scav boss in EFT you might find hard to kill. 

Though killing Tagilla isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to its complicated build consisting of metal shields all over his body, it’s never impossible to do so. 

For this, you must target Tagilla’s abdomen and legs that are exposed by the armor. You can not target his face or other body parts. So, distance yourself from his heavy hammer, target its exposed areas and shoot. 

This is one of the common ways to beat Tagilla in Escape from Tarkov. Besides, there are the following ways to beat the Scav boss without getting yourself wiped out from the game by him. 

First, get out of his heavy hammer & gun

Tagilla carries a huge hammer and a gun with him to fire or chase away anybody coming in his way. The main thing about Tagilla’s hammer and the gun is that their one hit decreases your health by a good margin. 

This is the reason it’s never a good idea to go too near him no matter how much load you have. Always dodge and keep attacking him from different sides on his abdomen and legs. These are two exposed areas to target first. 

In a nutshell, maintain a safe distance from the Tagilla’s hammer, keep dodging, and attack without his knowledge. It’s your pro tip to beat him. 

Shoot at the right areas to wisely use your bullets

Unlike other games, you just can not go out and fire bullets on Tagilla, hoping to kill him on the go. He has the protection of a type 6 shield on his thorax and a type 5 mask on his horrified face. 

So, you cannot fire on these two areas. However, you can easily target the two exposed areas, i.e., the abdomen and legs. 

Hence, keep dodging around Tagilla and fire bullets on his vulnerable areas to reduce his health. In the meantime, keep yourself distanced from his hammer. 

Don’t waste your bullets

You know that Tagilla is made up of hard metal from head to toe. This metal body suffers little or no damage from your bullets. Hence, it’s not recommended to waste your bullets in this.  Even if you have sufficient ammo with you, don’t waste them on hitting Tagilla on his covered body parts. To beat and kill the Scav boss in Escape from Tarkov, the experts suggest 7.62×39 bullets ammo. As per the experienced players, around two 30-round magazines are enough for your AK gun. 

Prepare an effective fight strategy

Tagilla has a total health of 1,220. So, you need to prepare an effective fight strategy to beat him. The boss usually fights with his huge hammer or gun, depending upon how close you are. For the strategy, remember that he will keep chasing and attacking you as long as you’re visible to him. Thus, take cover behind walls, containers, or any object in the Factory to block his vision. If you don’t have proper gears to kill him on the go, never stay at a single place to attack him. Run from corners to corners of the Factory and escape from his line of sight. While he is looking for you, act quickly and shoot on his vulnerable areas with the best bullet you have. 

Keep running and shooting the Scav boss

As referenced earlier, the Scav boss uses his two main weapons that are his hammer and gun. Depending upon your distance from him, he changes the weapons. If you are far away from him, he will switch to the gun to shoot you. For small distances, he switches to the hammer to chase away his enemy. Thus, to protect yourself from his heavy blows that can eat a big chunk of your total health, keep running around him and shoot without his knowledge. Here’s a pro tip. Before starting up your game, it’s good to load up your ammo with hard bullets and proper gear. 


If you love shooting games that test your shooting skills, then this Escape from Tarkov is for shooters like you. In this, you have to shoot down the Scav boss, whose total health is 1,220. However, as he has protection from hardened metal over his body, it’s hard to kill him. 

Still, you can use the above tried and tested ways to kill the Scav boss and come out as the winner. 

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