Facebook comes up with Instagram Lite in over 170 countries

NewsDio News Desk : Facebook on Wednesday announced that it is going to launch a “Lite” version of Instagram in 170 countries.

The move has been taken in view of creating an easy approach for those with poor internet services.  Yes, everyone can now access the social media platform where they can now share photos or videos with the least required networking service. 

Android based users will have the facility of the same and compared to the traditional version, it is going to involve less bandwidth. 

Talking about the extent of internet facility which it requires, let it be known that the app needs just 2 megabytes with respect to the 30 MB needed for instagram earlier.  Another best thing is that, the app can effectively work on 2G networks thereby, customers from different parts of India can now access the same, without much hiccups. Tzach Hadar who is the director of product management at Facebook has said that vast areas of India, Africa, and Asia along with Latin America are those places where there is a massive consumption of internet.

So, thanks to the changed scenario, they would need a lot less data than what is required for running the service. However, there won’t be even a slight difference in user experience which people have been deriving for ages with regards to Instagram. 

Although, Hadar has said that as the feature is introduced in 170 countries, it doesn’t represent a global launch, but nonetheless, a beginning has been made and it is the step in the right direction. 

He further said that Instagram Lite has retained most of the primary and key features thereby ensuring that the user keeps intact the real experience which he/she was earlier experiencing.  The only difference lays the absence of creating and sharing short video clips. 

There is a sense of ease and happiness for people who can’t ask for more with respect to the current update associated with Instagram Lite. 

Additionally, Facebook in Tel Aviv has said that it has developed the Express Wi-Fi service which is going to bring the availability of internet to 20 countries that are based in Asia, Africa along with South America. 

Hadar is also planning to work on the digital wallet for Facebook. He has a reason to make, as he said that approx 2 billion people only have limited access to financial services and the migrant workers spend a big chunk of money as fees for sending money back to their home towns or families. Therefore, FB is working on introducing a wallet which makes the whole process easy and systematic and brig a new era of doing financial transactions.

The news gains significance as this aspect if practically implemented will systematically address the needs of ever growing needs of workers who have to undergo a lot of discomfort. It is hoped that the things plan out soon. 

There is another Facebook Shops for small business which makes the possibility for people to sell products online.

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