Greek Independence Day : Everything you need to know

When is Greek Independence Day?

Every nation is surrounded with history; Yes the history which has seen battles, mayhem, bloodshed and never ending trails of destruction. Greece has not been an exception. It is all set to celebrate the massive efforts, hurdles and obstructions the people overcome to make Greece what is today. Yes, an independent nation from Ottoman Turkish which ruled 200 years before. Greece is certainly brave, powerful, motivated and highly inspiring to carry on the celebrations which will mark on March 25th, 2021. The day is also said to be a turning point for the times ahead especially in view of coronavirus fiasco along with a difficult decade which seems to give new hopes and aspirations now. 

The nation is witness to so many wars in the form of Persian wars, the wars associated with Alexander the Great. 

However, what constitutes to be a Modern Greek history where from 1821 till date, there have been two major wars. Greek, was fighting for Independence against Ottoman Empower along with the 2nd World War.  These big and noteworthy events become celebratory as these wars instill a sense of how unity can lead to positive results. Yes, how people laid down their lives for safeguarding the country from the oppression of outsiders, how the firm determination can overcome any battle.

Yes, it is these traits which are primarily very important to inculcate in the young minds who knows the culture, history and traditions about the forefathers who have done so much for Greece so that the new generation can live in a world of peace and tranquility and importantly without any oppression. 

Therefore Greece’s National Day is celebrated on March 25th.

History of Greek Independence Day

In 1821, there was a revolution by Greece against the constant oppression done by Ottoman Empire which was ruling for over 400 years. The blood of every citizen was boiling with anger to revolt against the injustice and to throw the army out of the country. 

It seems that the beginning was already done. 

Since Bishop Germanos of Patras was highly disturbed against the inhumane treatment that he raised the Greek flag at the monastery of Agia Lavras.  Since, it was the first and the most obvious revolt, so it naturally incited Peloponnese to counter the effects of oppressors. 

The significance of this place is highly important as it becomes the basis for the beginning of revolt. Yes, naturally, the place which historically gathered massive significance is still fresh in the minds of people even today. Hence, in order to commemorate the occasion, Agia Lavra which is regarded to be one of the oldest monasteries in Greece, saw the re-enactment of the same revolt. Yes, there were actors who wore quite a similar kilt-like dress of Greek revolutionaries where they reenacted taking the legendary oath, which became the most obvious parameters for revolting against the Otoman rule and it was namely “Freedom of Death”.

Although Greece was ruled by Ottoman for 4 centuries and in 1821, saw an uprising which blown into full-fledged war and amidst the chaos, confusion and the spirit of nationalism, created an independent kingdom of Greece in 1832. 

Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, a former parliamentarian spoke about the significance of the milestone anniversary, as there is a uniformed, loud and a clear message for the country. It is that the country is still very much standing, and 10 years of crisis didn’t do any harm. The occasion also saw Greece’s first currencies in the form of the Drachma and the Phoenix. 

The National Day occurring on March 25th, will be slightly a simpler affair given the scenario arising out of Covid 19 as the country is facing lockdown at the moment.

What happened on the 28th of October 1940?

The significance of October 28th, 1940 lies towards how Mussolini army which conquered Albania moves further in the direction of Greece with the sole purpose of invading the same. The move later on proved to be quite a disaster. 

Everyone was taken aback by the move of Mussolini which he has taken against Greece, so much so that even his friend Adolf Hitler was quite shocked. Since Duce refused to attack Greece before.  However, later on Hitler denounced the move, as a part of his mistake, since he never realized the results of the same. Hitler wished and expected Mussolini to concentrate itself on North Africa through Egypt. The invasion on Greece was such a hush-hush affair where it is surprising but true that even the very own army of Mussolini didn’t have any idea about the invasion before, as they only later know. 

It seemed that Mussolini certainly showed too much of a haste while strategizing to invade Greece. Its own generals warned him that they are certainly not very prepared to invade and the concerns associated with mountainous country will make them difficult to move on quickly. On top of that, the prevailing rainy season has already made the path slippery as it could mean a serious danger for the army. 

Yet, it seemed that Mussolini was too occupied and over confident in his capabilities where he thought of bribing the Greek politicians. However, luckily Greece army put a counter attack and successfully pushed the Italian invaders back from where they tried to enter, that is Albania in the shortest possible time that is one week later only. There has been a battle for three months which saw huge loss for the Italian arms as its fleet was literally crippled by a British carrier-based attach. It was certainly the darkest day for Mussolini who was humiliated to the core as all of his strategies failed to provide even an inch of benefit for him. 

How the Greek Independence Day celebrated?

The national holiday see loads of inspiring and motivating activities in the form of speeches, parades. The occasion also gives the chance for the citizens of the country to witness the power of its military. The whole Greece is literally soaked in national spirit where schools see lots of events highlighting about the importance of this day and the immense contribution which their forefathers have done and so on.

Yes, it is true that the country progresses when children are motivated to take rigorous and massive part in occasions of national importance. Likewise, the National Day through functions and events try to instill the massive importance of how unity in the people can overpower any hurdle, such as the oppression of outsiders. Besides the same, children who are the futures of the country know about the flag, its significance and traditional customs which can easily pass from generations to generations.  

There can’t be a greater beauty than to begin the day while attending a memorial service in the church.

The center stage of the event can be regarded as Athens. Since the following activities attract loads of spectators including the honorable President who feel really proud of knowing the significance of their traditionally rich country. Likewise, military for any country offers the biggest reason of safety and security. Since, it creates lots of activities in the form of marching bands, military vehicles along with squadrons from Hellenic Armed Forces too. 

What is Ochi Day Greece?

Greece and Cyprus celebrates a public holiday on October, 28th every year. The day holds a historically significant importance as it is also the day of National Anniversary of Greek Independence. Owing to the massive significance and importance which is associated with the day it is also known as “World War II National Holiday”

The main reason and purpose for being referred as “Ochi Day” is because of how Greece didn’t bog down to the pressure and power of the Axis in 1940. 

Is Greece better than Italy?

Italy is the country which has an enriching history where it has never knelt down to the pressure of oppressors. It took the challenges by looking at the eyes of the opponents directly and never compromised on the issue of nationalism. The country is a wonderful example about how one needs to live and present the actions when it comes to fighting for the country. The country and its people are certainly very proud of how their forefathers have taken pains and struggles to free the country from the clutches of the oppressors. Besides the country’s rich traditions and culture, Greece is also known for its sumptuous cuisines along with various sightseeing. Where the natural beautifies in the form of beaches can simply take the breath of any spectator or tourist who comes here. Anyone can find the time to relax and feel refreshed and rejuvenated where the islands simply act a serene and calmer way of spending some precious moments, while moving ahead from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, be closest to the nature and feel a part of the massive luxuries which nature showers on different selected parts of the world where Greece has certainly loads of the same. 

Talking about the most popular holiday can be regarded as March 25th which is the Independence Day. Besides the same, the country equally gives importance to other associated national events in the form of October 28th (Ochi Day).  August 15th (Saints’ Day of the Virgin Mary) and there are many more as well.  After all, Independence Day instill a sense of togetherness and a way of proximity with the soil of the country. It evokes nationalism and a sense to do for the country which has given so much to them. Greece has seen some of the worst battles and the same day also becomes the basis for reliving a life with firm determination, honesty, bravely without knelling down at the pressure of the opponents. Yes, hence in many ways the holiday teaches us to be united and love the country even more thanks to the enriching past which was only possible due to the selfless contribution of the forefathers. 

Which is the cheapest Greek island to fly to?

It doesn’t cost a bombshell to visit Greece as you can be a proud tourist by visiting various sightseeing’s in a budget and make your summers memorable and priceless. Yes, the country offers ‘sea’ and ‘sun’ in all its glory as the country is also known for its marvelous hospitality. The inexpensive islands have given the tag mainly because you can get rented rooms to enjoy the marvelous sightseeing for days together. 


You can surely make your mind to visit Agistri if you are looking for a budget friendly option of visiting an island. So, far from chaos and hectic fast paced city life, here you can resign to the nature and pass your luxurious time in a calm and composed manner by being the closest to the bounties of nature in a budget for sure. There are pine forests, turquoise waters; pebbly beaches along with awesome and sumptuous eateries to fill quench your thirst and hunger. In order to get access to the Island, the ferry from Piraeus costs €11.50 and takes 1 hour 35 minutes, one way.

Where is the nicest place in Greece?

Santorini which speak volumes about the exemplary beauty of the Island can be best visited to be experienced. It offers awesome scenery where you can feel happy to dip yourself in the turquoise waters or experience a feel while passing through the beautiful villages. As you are hungry, there are restaurants to give you mouth watering cuisines. The place offers such an awesome attraction that it will take your breath away right at the first sight. The place is widely visited by tourists and has become the most obvious one to see the traditional beauty which the country has to offer as well. 

The whitewashed houses and its volcanic beaches has been well captured in several movies as the scenic locations offers a bait for movie makers to shoot at such a desired location. Hence Santorini can be regarded as the nicest place in Greece for sure. 

Where to Stay in Santorini?

Your stay will be incomplete if you don’t know the proper resting place to what you can easily call your home for the number of days you would be staying. Yes, I am mentioning 3 best affordable properties along with their price approximately. 

  • Villa Valvis – From $34 / Night
  • Platia – From $91 / Night 
  • Fileria Suites – From $136 /  Night

Santorini has become an obvious sight which tourists set to beeline while visiting the Greece, thanks to the affordability factor which naturally plays an important role too. 

What are some Greek rituals?

Greek owing to its traditionally rich importance and significance has various rituals as they are based on the specific customer and tradition. They were to be done as an act of pleasing God or else their actions were rendered meaningless. 

Sacrifice was one of the most important actions as it was regarded to be an ancient religious ritual. Although offering was significantly related to “animals” in the big way, but there were equally sacrificial gifts as well which were done as they were in the form of cooked food, pottery, plants, flower or even a stone. 

The people of Greece naturally held a great significance to the ritual as they know otherwise the act will make it meaningless. Hence, people were passing them from generation to another to make it as a part of customary belief. 

Priests were abounding with knowledge relating to the different series of rituals as they have maintained a list.

Greece has traditionally welcomed rituals in different ways where ‘praying’ was obviously one important ritual, other than that there was washing, pouring of liquids etc. The person has the option of praying to the god he/she wished to and for the same, he can approach the priest for going ahead if he wants to address the god of a specific shrine. 

Another ritual related to cleansing the body as a way to remove dirt so that it rids of specific impurities. 

After all, purification held a great significance in Greek and Roman religious practices. 

While ridding one of the impurities or pollution can be based on several factors

  • Physical impurities
  • Failure to do a certain religious act. 
  • Failure to wash hands before starting an important ritual of sacrifice
  • Committing a murder has caused pollution where the individual has to undergo some serious and special act to rid himself of the blood of victim. 
  • In order to perform the ritual, there was the need to wear special clothing along with adornments and that also includes avoiding certain specific food. 
  • In the same manner, incense burning was a part of the ritual where flowers and branches were also offered. 
  • Food become an obvious mechanism and became an important part of ritual. While Gods were offered fruits, cakes, grain as well. In order to make the ritual greatly significant and important, the dish was prepared with special ingredients.  There were other forms of ritual offerings as it was in the form of wine, milk, oil or honey. 


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