Lyft, Uber to offer free rides to Covid 19 centers

NewsDio desk : In view of the rising sensitization about the available vaccines, the riding companies in the form of Uber Technologies and Lyft are doing a noble act which certainly needs no introduction. 

Yes, the respective companies are investing in bulk so that the divers can immunize themselves with the Covid 19 vaccines. Similarly, in order to help reach the masses to the vaccination centers, the company has made arrangements of discounted rides to vaccination sites especially for those who lack transportation facilities and aren’t able to access the best of healthcare facilities. 

As the scourge of pandemic is somewhat subsiding, ride-hailing demand is picking up across the length and breadth of the United States. However, it will take time for the drivers to be able to hit roads in as many numbers, as they were able to, before. 

Communities with low income or the Black communities which have poor transportation facilities become a big obstacle in the way of providing the best of healthcare facilities as well as access to vaccines. 

The Uber employees are calling a big chunk of drivers who have already left the profession an year before, are now informing them to return

As per the characteristic of a responsible company which has always favored the safety and earnings of driver with high esteem, Uber is equally very concerned about ensuring the same. It is partnering with Walgreen’s by investing $250 for ensuring pay guarantees along with incentives. 

Thanks to the partnership with Walgreen, a unique code is sent to over 240,000 drivers in various states with an idea of booking an appointment for vaccination.

Lyft has also informed the driver through emails about the eligibility time so that they can take vaccination in their states. 

Although, Uber hasn’t come up with an exact figure which the vaccination driver will cost, but based on the discounted rides which reach roughly 10 million free or discounted rides, the total projected is estimated to cost $50 million to $100 million. 

Lyft has found sponsors in the form of JPMorgan Chase, Target, Anthem along with those who has privately donated. 

As per the version of Officials based in several areas in the form of Chicago, Jersey City, New Orleans etc the rides have made it possible for people to be vaccinated which would have otherwise been not possible.

The rides from these renowned companies can be easily booked by cities or nonprofits on behalf of those passengers who are supposed to get vaccinated. While drivers are able to get the regular fare for the ride they undertake. 

Drivers associated with the companies have potential to change the phase of society by bringing a positive approach in these tough times, so naturally there is more work for them. 

Uber and Lyft are both determined to provide healthcare facilities. It is true that companies have taken upon themselves to do the best for society at such a challenging and difficult phase of life. 

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