Path of Exile – Conqueror Influenced Items Guide

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If you want to find ways to earn more chaos orbs and PoE currency, then this could be what you’re looking for. 

If you have been looking into the likes of exalted orbs or PoE currency in Path of Exile, then odds are you have come across the term Conqueror influenced items. These are located when you are completing maps that are influenced by the Conquerors of the Atlas. Overall, you have four conquerors, which have their own influence types as the crusader, hunter, warlord, redeemer, and conquerors. 

If you have managed to reach the point where you have end-game maps and you have been completing them as well, then you will see conquerors gradually appearing, which will occur on a regular basis. After you have encountered them throughout the Atlas you will them be fighting the conquerors within their respective strongholds, where they will drop influenced items at a decent rate. 

Once you have battled your way through a particular amount of these conquerors, you will then come face to face with Sirus, an endgame boss who serves as the fifth conqueror. When you get to Sirus, the boss will drop a heavy number of the Conqueror influenced items that you are looking for, so you can take advantage of something that has a lot of influence-based items to give. 

Throughout the game, you are going to get a number of opportunities where you can craft items that you can turn into profit. Some PoE items are more popular than others, so we are going to be taking a look at which are the best conqueror influenced PoE items that you can craft. 

Warlord Influence Wand

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If fire damage is something that you are going for, then look no further than this item. You will be getting fire penetration directly and via mods, and you can even unholy might on kill chance which will give you a huge boost in DPS if you are using the likes of blade vortex in your game. Rolling physical damage to potentially add more fire to the party is also possible. You can also take advantage of the burning damage mod pool if you are using flameblast or fireball characters. 

Warlord Influenced Helmet

Next, we will be looking at this rather nifty helmet which will provide you with a small mod pool for rolls that will put you right on the attack. You can even roll global critical strike multiplier if you wanted to combine it with the power charge, as well as elemental damage. Meanwhile, its defenses are good too in that you can get back some health as well as a percentage of physical damage from hits that have been taken as fire damage. 

Speaking of the power charge, this along with a life roll could see up to 100 chaos orbs or more if you have the necessary mods. With the combination of the critical multiplier and the power charge, you will have a helmet that is very valuable. If you are interested in crafting it, then try using excesses of Deafening Essence of Woe or Greed. 

Warlord Influence Amulet

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The good thing about this amulet is its adaptability. It can work well on many different PoE builds, and it has a number of different methods in which it can be crafted. If we are sticking with the fire theme, then we can use scorched fossils with our fire mods, and the jagged fossil can increase that fire physical damage as well. 

Hunter Influence Boots

This is considered to be one of the best PoE items for you to consider in this category. It is desired by many upper-tier PoE builds and so you should certainly check out these boots if you’ve read this far. 

With a tailwind, you can get additional action speed for a number of features including attacking, casting, movement, traps, mines, and totems. This gives you the opportunity to apply these PoE build that is capable of performing critical attacks. With this mod, you can stand to make a profit of at least 100 chaos orbs without the stats that can make it worth even more. So, if you are looking to make some PoE currency then these are great PoE items to do so. 

Crafting wise, look into shuddering fossils, as well as woe, zeal, or dread essences. The mods as well can give you speed or life movements, so it is worth making sure that you are looking at what each factor makes it worth. 

So, if you are looking at making more PoE currency, then don’t hesitate to get your hands on conqueror influenced items. It will take work and research, but you could potentially be rolling in chaos orbs in no time. 

Have you tried this Conqueror influenced items method? Let us know in the comments section below!

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