Peacemaker Season 2- Release date, Cast And Storyline

Peacemaker Season 2
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John Cena Peacemaker Season 2 is a sequel to the Peacemaker. Peacemaker is about John Cena’s character, Danny Peacemaker, who had been framed for murder and is on the run from the police while being hunted by a gang of murderers. The season ended with the Peacemaker saving his family from an attack that left him scarred and his wife dead. In Peacemaker Season 2, Danny has relocated to another town with his daughter Jenny where he finds himself embroiled in another conflict between good and evil.

Release date:

In 2022.

Cast and characters:

-John Cena as Peacemaker: A peacemaker is an ex-cop who has the ability to sense people’s emotions, which allows Peacemaker to know when they are lying. Peacemaker uses his abilities and street smarts to help him in any situation.

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-Jenny Peacemaker: Peacemakers’ daughter Jenny helps her father with crime cases by using her computer skills to uncover information. Peacemaker and his daughter have a strained relationship as she doesn’t approve of Peacemakers’ methods, but they learn to work together throughout the season.

-Daniels: A recurring character in Peacemaker Season One who is brought back for Peacemaker Season Two as Danny’s informant. Peacemaker is using him to help with cases, but he begins to realize that Daniels’ information may not be trustworthy.

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-Chen: Peacemaker’s new Captain who doesn’t like Peacemaker’s “cowboy” methods and tries his best to keep Peacemaker in line. The peacemaker eventually gets the better of him, and Chen begins to grow on Peacemaker.

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-Tasha: Peacemaker’s new partner who comes from a traditional upbringing as the child of first-generation Vietnamese immigrants and is trying her best to prove herself in this male-dominated profession. The peacemaker wants to help her but also doesn’t want his partner to find out about what he does off the clock. The peacemaker is eventually forced to choose between his partner and the Peacemakers’ code.

-Peacemaker: The peacemaker’s real name is John Adam Daniels, a former FBI agent who was discharged for disobeying orders in order to save one of the hostages during the rescue mission that resulted in Peacemaker’s brother being killed by a cartel member. Peacemaker is a tough, no-nonsense guy who can be very intimidating and has a dark past that makes him want to do the right thing.

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Plot details:

Peacemaker Season two will continue to focus on Peacemaker’s (John Cena) efforts to balance his duties as a crime fighter and his responsibilities as a father. Peacemaker is an action drama that takes place in the near future when society and technology have evolved dramatically from what they are now.

As part of its overall multiplatform strategy, Peacemaker Season two will also be featured in a comic book series from Lion Forge Comics. Peacemaker is written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Brian Ching.

Peacemaker’s son, Jaden (who was born with special abilities), has been recruited to join the Peacemaker program as part of an experimental group of Peacemaker Cadets.

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