Peacock’s Latest Go-To Drama: Departure Season 2: Release date, Cast and Storyline

departure seaosn 2

The protagonist, Aiden McGowan, is a man with the perfect life. He has a beautiful wife and daughter, an amazing job as a criminal psychologist in New York City, and his own private practice on Long Island where he works to rehabilitate criminals. But when tragedy strikes and takes everything from him – including his sense of self-worth – he’s left wondering if there’s any point in going on living.

Release date:

5 August 2021

Cast and characters:

– Aiden McGowan: The protagonist, who is a man with the perfect life.

– Rachel: Aiden’s wife and daughter are killed in an accident. He feels he has nothing left to live for.

– Dr Susan Moore: Aiden’s mentor from his time as an intern at Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Ward. She wants him to take up her position as a psychotherapist and continue her work.

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– Kathy: Aiden’s secretary, who is the only person left to help him at his practice. She has an obsessive crush on him.

– Julie McGowan – Aiden’s wife, mother of his daughter. She is a psychologist who begins to work at the same prison that she was previously in for her own rehabilitation as part of an earlier plea bargain.

Plot details:

A departure season two would have been really good because there are a lot of mysteries and unanswered questions that we would like answered. The series begins on Aiden’s first day at Briarcliff Manor, and he is shown to be a compassionate therapist who does not believe in the idea of mental illness.

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Departure Peacock TV Season 2 Release Date; When Does It Start? //  SeriesDate

Aiden is then offered a job at the only mental hospital left in New York, named Briarcliff Manor. His departure from Bellevue Hospital leaves him with $800 and no home to return to as he was renting an apartment on-site there. He has been diagnosed with “complete situational depression” and is advised by his doctor to take a break from work for at least three months.

Aiden starts working in the woods but eventually decides that he cannot stay away from psychiatry and returns to Briarcliff Manor as its new chief therapist. There, Aiden learns of the asylum’s dark past which includes lobotomies performed on patients, electroshock therapy, and experimental drug treatments.

Aiden starts thinking that he may be able to help the patients as they are not all mentally ill; many of them have been falsely committed by their families or simply labelled with mental illness because society does not know how else to deal with problems in certain people’s lives.

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It can be sudden or planned, voluntary or coerced. Sometimes people depart because of personal choice and sometimes because they are forced out by others in power. Some people leave without saying goodbye while others say all the right words but still know it’s time to go to walk away from what was and never look back.

Departure season two is a psychological thriller through the eyes of Aiden, a compassionate therapist who doesn’t believe in mental illness and Sarah, an art graduate student battling her inner demons while working at Briarcliff Manor.

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