The Stand: Season 2- Release Date, Star Cast and Storyline

The STand Season 2

The Stand Season 2 is the sequel to the original miniseries. It was written by Stephen King and it’s the second part of the story about the survivors of a terrible plague called Captain Trips, which has killed most people on earth, except for those who have developed natural immunity. The plot follows the band of survivors as they try to bring society back from the brink of extinction and this time they face not only physical but also spiritual threats.

Release date:

Sometime in 2022.

Cast and characters:

– Kurt Russell, the Author: the main character, the narrator.

– Jamey Sheridan: the Leader of the Free Zone Committee in Boulder.

– Laura Harring: the last person on earth to have been infected with Captain Trips and she has immunity because her mother had it as well. She joins the team and struggles with a loss of purpose since she was immune the whole time.

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Is The Stand season 2 happening? What to know about the miniseries
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– The Rangers: the team that goes on the scouting missions to find out what’s going on in the world, including finding one of the 12 handles (McMurphy) and another person with immunity.

– John Cusack as Stu Redman: an ex-college professor who is immune because he had the flu the same day the disease hit. He joins the team and is there for Laura Harring to help her with the loss of purpose she feels since she was immune the whole time.

– Rob Lowe as Nick Andros: a retired schoolteacher who becomes one of the 12 handles (McMurphy). He has been on a scouting mission the longest and is the only one of the 12 handles who is black.

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– Meryl Streep as Judge Farris: a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco with immunity because she was on vacation the day the disease hit. She gives advice to people about what they should do when it comes to handling their own cases.

Plot details:

The plot is not going to be easy as the survivors go about trying to restore order in a world that has been ravaged by the plague with all sorts of natural disasters happening around them at every turn. They are constantly hounded by Randall Flagg the dark man who wants the world to end and is constantly trying to prevent the survivors from succeeding.

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It’s up to the puny few that are left with the help of some new friends they make along the way, including a band of four bikers led by the enigmatic Trashcan Man (played superbly by Jamey Sheridan) in the second season of the miniseries.

The Stand: Season Two is the continuation and conclusion of the epic story that was started in the first installment which aired on ABC back in 1994.

This riveting series stars Emmy Award winner Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation), Golden Globe nominee Molly Ringwald (Pretty In Pink) Academy Award-nominated actress Laura San Giacomo (Saving Private Ryan), and the late Powers Boothe. It is the end of the world, and the people who didn’t live through it can only start over.”

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