Zomato delivery boy’s charge leads to FIR against woman in Bangalore

NewsDio Desk : In a dramatic move seems straight from a Bollywood flick, the woman who has earlier charged the delivery boy of Zomato of assaulting him has now made situation difficult for herself.

The sequence of events is happening so quickly, that one is really forced to think as to where the society is heading.

Well, Chandranee has been booked for assaulting the delivery boy under the section 355 and 506 of IPC. 

The man has out rightly denied all the allegations leveled against him saying that the lady has accidentally hit herself on the nose with the ring she was wearing. 

She has been accused of bringing bad name to the boy as well as assaulting him which would have cost his job.

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The thing of respite for the delivery boy has been as follows:-

  • He justified that it was not a punch on the nose of the lady given the injury marks which signify more of a sharp object
  • He has an awesome rating where in the past two years, his customers gave him 4.7 starts which is above than average as it directly signifies the extent of awesome performance he has performed
  • The lady couldn’t justify her stand as to how the punch will give superficial injury marks, as it will effect internally, if there would have really been a punch
  • The man out rightly blamed her as she wanted to take the order for free, after she cancelled the order on the pretext that it came late. 
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There has been a thorough investigation over the past few days where the police have been on its toes to ascertain the exact cause of the issue.  Even though the delivery boy was suspended for the time being, but the company was very giving him financial help to fight for the case, similar to help which the company was giving to the lady.

Hence, on further investigations, it was found that the lady’s claim didn’t have any grounds and the complaint by Kamaraj bear results.

Chandranee who is a makeup artiste has switched job from being a model, has earlier started the whole event by sharing a video clip where he accused the boy, of assaulting him which led to the bleeding of nose. 

According to her, the cause of the incident was the dispute occurred in the delivery of food.  It didn’t take much time for the video to spread like wildfire which necessitated Zomato to step in and take necessary remedial measures.

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Based on the circulation of the video, the boy was taken into custody. 

In total contrast to what Chandranee alleged, Kamaraj said that she didn’t want to pay after taking the parcel, which snowballed into quarrel. 

He said that during the act of self defense he touched her right hand and the ring on her hand bruised her nose, leading to injury. 

Due to the prevailing conditions of his family, as he is the sole winner, he is determined to fight the case in a legal manner. 

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