Wide-format printing: 5 Reasons Why it is So Popular

Ever since computers and personal printers hit the scene, wide format printing has quickly become the industry standard in the printing business world. Desktop printers are still important and their relevance is unchallenged. When it comes to printing large format projects like banners, wallpaper, posters, murals, and other large wall graphics, wide format printers are the preferred method. Any print project of 24 inches or greater falls into the large format category.

Window and floor graphics, banners, and posters go a long way in getting a business or individual noticed by a much larger audience. Because of this, wide format printing has become a powerful tool to shine the spotlight on companies in a big way.

Read on to learn the top 5 reasons why it’s so popular, and discover all the amazing opportunities that wide-format printing can offer your business.

1. Better clarity of text and graphics.

When using a high-quality wide format printer ink in a wide format printer, printed materials display text and graphics that are much distinguishable from each other. The details are much clearer when printed in a larger format. All wide-format devices are inkjet printers, allowing them to disperse hundreds of tiny dots of ink onto your print medium that makes up the overall graphic. The precision with which these tiny droplets of ink are discharged onto the material produces incredible image clarity, even on large banners.

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2. Speed.

Desktop printers are great for printing standard-sized paper at high speeds and fit in with a typical office environment. They are not the best choice, however, for printing larger media projects.

If you were to try and print a poster on a desktop printer, you would have to feed page after page into the printer, and still end up with a finished product with lines and gaps. Wide-format printers print the image in one cycle, leaving no visible gaps on the page.
These printers are also impressively fast, printing an average of 15 standard size posters in an hour. They feature six print heads with bi-directional printing to print more projects in less time.

3. Consistency.

The image you see on your computer is the image you will see on your printed material. Colors are always printed consistently and with crystal clear clarity. Wide-format printers use more individual ink cartridges than traditional desktop printers which only use the standard black, magenta, yellow, and cyan colors providing a much more accurate color reproduction.

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With wide format printer latex ink you are able to print in shades and tones, and even have the ability to print in gradients. When printing with a wide format printer the image quality is much higher, making it the perfect choice when a large picture in high definition needs displaying.

4. Cost-efficient.

As the cost of ink continues to go down, companies are becoming much more able to offer their wide format printing services at a much lower cost. Today, wide format prints are more affordable than ever before and the quality of the prints only continues to get better and better.

This affordability also makes this type of printing more accessible. Since the initial cost of investment by a wide format printing service provider is low, large format printing is much more accessible to most businesses and individuals.

Potential clients will always notice advertisements that are printed in a large format, making it extremely relevant in today’s advertising industry. If you are in charge of marketing materials for your company, you should seriously consider large format printing. It’s affordable, long-lasting, and presents a powerful message to your audience.

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5. Simple to use.

When you think of printing in such large formats, you may think the techniques will be hard to grasp, but this isn’t the case at all. They use the same basic technology as desktop inkjet printers, and you will only need to adjust to small changes to get big results with your print projects. Wide format printers are designed to be user-friendly and responsive.

More businesses are opting to use wide format printers for their advertising needs every day.
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