Australia’s Channel Nine hampers LIVE broadcast due to hacking attempts

NewsDio Desk : In view of the rising cyber related attacks world over, Australia’s Channel Nine TV network couldn’t continue live broadcast as it was hacked. The concerns are natural about the massive reach and power which hackers have gained over the years. The broadcaster couldn’t air various shows on Sunday. The parliament in Australia also understands the reasons where a cyber-attack has occurred in Canberra on Sunday. The information which was usually visible in the Parliament House with respect to IT and emails have been hidden as part of a precautionary measure. 

The recent cyber attack has once again necessitated that Australians have to be on their toes and they can’t show complacency. The government is working very hard and promises to ascertain the cause so that it doesn’t repeat in future. As Australia has some of the most learned minds who can certainly make the whole system fool proof secure. 

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The firm determination of the Australian government comes at a time when there has been string of cyber attacks which happened in the past. Likewise, Scott Morrison, prime minister has warned that “state-based” hackers are working to target various companies. 

Be it the cyber attack of 2019 which affected political parties. As per the reactions of cyber experts, few countries in the form of Iran, Russia, China and North Korea have tendency to carry such attacks.  There have been expert views for a long time in view of recent cyber attacks where they have linked them to China. 

Reactions about Channel Nine regarding the cyber attack

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The renowned, and popular organization which has become one of the prominent faces of Australia that is Nine, holds a big part of Australian print media in terms of The Sydney Morning herald along with The Age. It has given the reaction about hackers seriously affected airing of radio channels along with its publications. Similar story related to be that of other channels which couldn’t air the programs due to the prevailing problem.

For example Weekend Today failed to air for the Sydney audience. The confirmation by about cyber attacks came on Saturday night. Although, the IT guys are working overboard to fix the issues and restore the systems so that broadcast can be done as soon as possible. 

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Attackers were looking for mechanism for years and the biggest proof has been timely hacking attempts which somehow resumed the operations, after overcoming the cause. 

However, the current attempt has been as a way of building up efforts to create the maximum damage. 

The government is very serious this time to ascertain the root cause of the problem so that such attempts are not repeated in future which are best needed, in the wake of 60,000 reported attempts happened last year. One hopes that the name of the hackers soon be made public while sufficient punishment be levied on them, so that it teaches others a lesson.

‘Nine’, has issued an advisory for its staff to work from home for the time being. 

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