FAQs for Moving Your Pet Overseas

You might find moving overseas stressful enough, but what happens when you have pets in the family? Whether this is your first time shipping a pet internationally or your pet has flown before, you probably have a lot of questions.

Our guide has answers to questions for novices as well as experienced pet parents. Below are some frequently asked questions from pet owners:

How safe is a pet journey?

The pet industry transports tens of thousands of dogs and cats by air each year. While mishaps sometimes occur, they are extremely rare. 

You can increase your confidence and reduce stress by working with a professional pet relocation company.

Is it possible for snub-nosed pets to travel?

Breathing can be more of a challenge for brachycephalic dogs and cats (ones with short or flat noses). Travel-related anxiety can exacerbate respiratory issues, so you should consult your veterinarian before you leave, advice from Homevet, housecall vet service in Hong Kong.  Most snub-nosed pets can fly without any problems.

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Several airlines recently revised their requirements regarding which breeds of dogs and cats can fly in the cabin versus cargo. This can be very challenging, but it is crucial for your pet’s relocation, so it pays to work with an expert company that stays on top of the latest information.

Will I be allowed to bring my pet to the cabin?

On some airlines and routes, you can take cats and tiny dogs in the cabin with you. You are less likely to experience this on an international flight than if you are flying within the US. To find out for sure, you need to check with your airline.

Are there any requirements for hiring somebody, or can I do it myself?

It’s possible to transport your pets overseas on your own if you’re not going to a country that requires that you use a commercial pet transport company. While you have all the information at your fingertips, the process is still lengthy. 

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It’s much less stressful for many pet owners to let professionals handle their beloved pets’ moves, especially when they’re getting the rest of their family prepped for a move, too.

For example, Ferndale, experienced pet relocation company, has partnered with IPATA member agents around the world, so they can help you deliver your pet to your door. Additionally, the pet relocation company will inform you about all necessary documentation, vaccinations, and health certificates. The rest of the work is handled by them, which includes arranging pet check-ups, coordinating vet appointments, flight scheduling and flights, and getting your pets to and from the airport.

Does my pet need to be sedated?

Your pet should have a pleasant air travel experience, so you should avoid sedated transportation. As noted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the sedation of pets can adversely affect their mental state, respiratory system, and cardiovascular system. International Pet and Animal Transportation Association reports that more than half of all animal deaths during airline transportation can be attributed to over-sedation.

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At Ferndale, they encourage “pre-conditioning” instead of sedation to ensure your pet’s physical and emotional comfort during the move.

Is there a standard size kennel for my pet?

To fly, your pet will need a pet travel crate. The carriers are specifically made to meet the needs of pets, according to standards established by the International Aviation Association (IATA). A travel crate is much more durable than a kennel or carrier at home.

The right size of the crate is vital for your pet’s protection. It should be large enough so that it can turn around and lie down comfortably without being overly large. When you are buying a crate for your dog you must measure her. Guessing is not an option, because animal carriers and airlines will not accept pets in the wrong crate size.

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