Former Sri Lankan cricketer Suraj Randiv plies bus on Australian roads

When life offers choices, then we may be tempted to use as per our wish. Likewise, former Sri Lankan player Suraj Randi has chosen a profession which has taken an altogether different change in his life. Yes, being a profession which is considered to be totally contradictory of what he started himself as a cricketer while playing for Sri Lanka, he is now operating as a bus driver in Australia. 

The life may have been totally different for him, but few things remain the same which is hard work, dedication and honesty. Yes, while as a cricketer, he has to comply with these three traits, and the same holds true for him now, as he has to make use of them right while plying the bus. 

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Randiv was included in the coveted team which played the 2011 World Cup final. However, life has taken a full circle for him where it is becoming difficult for him to survive. Hence, he has chosen the profession of a bus driver. Randiv was also quite a charismatic face representing CSK in the IPL. He twice represented yellow army where he took 6 wickets in  8 games. 

 He is not alone as he has another compatriot who is serving in the same job. Yes, he is none other than ex-Srilankan Player Chinthaka Namaste. While a player from Zimbabwe cricket namely Waddington Mwayenga has switched to Australia for choosing the same profession as well. 

He has played a sizeable cricket. While in his cricketing career he has represented his team in 12 tests along with 31 ODI and 7 T20Is. He has to his credit of bagging 43 wickets in Tests. While in ODIs his bowling mechanism has earned him 36 wickets while he achieved 7 wickets in IPL which is regarded and considered to be the shortest format of the game. 

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He has pretty great name in the cricketing field and has always proved his mettle which one can possibly take note from his record. He has been a hardworking man whose upbringing is done more by instilling values and that’s the reason why he didn’t find any reservations towards donning the shoes of a bus driver. While it was certainly not easy for a cricketer of a sub-continent who has already played extensively and has been a renowned figure across the world. 

But, it is true to live a life of respect rather than hiding it. 

He also has to his career 1 five-wicket haul in tests and ODIs. The cricketer has taught a very interesting and meaningful lesson for the world to take note of. That no profession is small and that anyone who is financially struggling can switch their jobs without thinking twice. Yes, it is true that as the news is highlighted, he is going to become role model for many and it is a matter of time that we see a pleasant change in the lives of strugglers. 

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