What We Do In The Shadows: Season 3- Release date, Cast and Storyline

What We Do In The SHadows
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Season 3 of what we do in the shadows is finally here! The show follows three vampires that live together in Wellington, New Zealand. They are trying to keep up with their human neighbours and want to appear as normal as possible. If you haven’t seen what we do in the shadows, then now is your chance! This season has a lot of laughs and twists that make it worth watching.

Release date:

Late 2021 or early 2022.

Cast and characters:

– Vladislav “Vlad” Petrovski: Vladislav is a 900-year-old vampire that is the leader of what we do in the shadows. He is very protective and doesn’t want to lose his friends or family so he does what he can to keep them safe.

– Viago Kiryuu: Viago is a 400-year-old vampire that cares for what Vladislav says. He tries to stay on Vlad’s good side and does what he can – even if it means sucking up every now and then.

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– Petyr “Pete” DeNiro: Pete is a 200-year-old vampire that has been friends with Viago for centuries. He is also an art critic and often rants about what he calls “kitsch”.

– Nick: Nick was turned into a vampire by Vladislav who used him as his slave to hunt humans in Boston’s North End so that the blood would cover up what had happened to the real people. When Pete freed him, Nick was overcome with what he had done and wanted to make up for it by becoming a vampire himself.

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– Viago: Vladislav turned him into a vampire so that they could work together on trying to find the cure for vampirism which has eluded vampires since their creation. He is also an expert in psychiatry, even though he never attended college.

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Plot details:

What we do in the shadows season three follows on from the events of what we do in the shadows: blood war. Vlad and his allies are still settling into their new lives with Léon as their leader, but some things never change. The coven is soon drawn back to confront two old enemies – one where they least expect it. Dana: Vlad’s second in command, and the coven’s best fighter besides him.

Other cast members?

– Rory, a homeless teen who has been inching his way into the coven and Vlad’s heart.

– Nathan – one of Léon’s most loyal followers, but what he really wants is to be on equal footing with him.

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– Nadja: She is a powerful vampire who has the ability to read minds and bend reality, which means she can create what isn’t there as well as what is. This makes her an invaluable member of The Shadow Cabinet because they need someone with those skills if they are going to find out what other vampires are up to.

– Aro: He is the most powerful vampire of all and what he says goes, but only because everyone else decides what they are going to do before him.

– Marcus: The leader of a coven of vampires who is able to communicate with animals as well as humans, Marcus can appear so human he’s hard for most people – and even other vampires – to separate from just an ordinary person.

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