Young Americans are also using social media for dealing with their mental issues: Survey

NewsDio Desk : It is said that there are two sides of everything, where social media can be counted in the same boat as well. 

For example, if on one hand, social media is piling up the number of depression cases amongst US teens and adults during Covid 19 pandemic, well the other side gives respite for sure. Yes, people also taking the help of the same platform to counter the effects of mental trauma and struggles. 

The research company namely Common Sense Media has done the survey in an age group of 14-22 year olds while taking 1500 people into account. The research concentrated on how youth dealt with depression while using digital media as part of improving their mental health. 

The study was conducted last fall. While it is true that social media has all sorts of negative aspects where it can bring wide range of hateful comments in the form of body shaming, racism or sexism, many of the users are using it for building their confidence and to gain moral support.


Well, they are getting in touch with others including their friends and relatives as a way to seek support and enquire if others are experiencing the same scenario, like theirs. In the process, they were also contacting tele-health professionals.

One of the findings have shown that 69% of Young black Americans have faced racism in the form of content online, while they used social media. The percentage at which they have Covid 19 infection either for themselves or someone in their family is doubled when compared with white youth. 

They need far more emotional support as they really long for the same as unfortunately many are constantly sinking deep in the world of chaos and confusion more so after the pandemic has started, where they have become jobless. 

Young adults are experiencing a phase which would have been significantly important for their overall development, however they are slightly drifting apart, as they need a guidance which can nurture them again and say to them, that they should believe in themselves.

It is this little but important attributes, which can potentially bring new hopes and empowerment. 

In the survey, it was known that 69% have related about how dependent they have become in using health apps relating with meditation, depression etc. While 86%, who got in touch with a health provider, spoke about how useful and meaningful it turned out to be for them to do so. 

The survey is a clear indication about the extent of trauma which young adults have surrounded themselves, however it is equally related with another important aspect of how they are themselves finding the need to address and deal with the issues of mental health and so on. 

The survey also shows how everyone can learn from the efforts of youth who are now more concerned and inclined towards improving themselves while making the best use of technology.  This is certainly a positive thing and we all need to focus on the same towards bringing better future for youth. 

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