Can you beat the bookmaker with AI?

Artificial intelligence is a subject that captures the imagination. People often do not know exactly what artificial intelligence (AI) is and what it does, many think that it involves civilisation being taken over by robots. In reality, it is much more like a computer processing program that can make its own decisions when new data is added.  

  Odds are based on AI 

Data-crunching is an important part of modern sports betting. Bookmakers use advanced analytics to determine their odds, and the sports bettor must consume vast amounts of statistical information to make decisions to beat the bookmaker. Can sports bettors simulate these calculations?

  The next level in sports betting

Some sports bettors have written their own programmes in order to determine their algorithm and make a profit on their bets. One example of a service that tries to offer betting tips on a subscription basis is Trademate Sports. But not everyone is equally satisfied with their tips and predictions. Other programmes try to predict long-term results. Unanimous A.I. is a company that correctly predicted the exact score of the Super Bowl in 2017, as well as the results of the horse races in the Kentucky Derby later that year.  

  In theory, programmers should manage to beat the bookmaker through artificial intelligence. And the goal is not to place perfect bets, but to make a profit in the long run. That is the dream of every sports bettor. Advances in artificial intelligence often lead to odds and thus more profit for the bookmaker. 

AI also makes sports betting more enjoyable

Besides making predictions, artificial intelligence can also improve the user experience. Think of the ads and search results we get based on data profiles compiled from our past online activities. Bookmakers can use these same engines to deliver personalised gaming experiences and promotions, as well as other available features. In this way, artificial intelligence makes online betting more enjoyable, even if the threshold to profit for the sports bettor ultimately becomes higher.  


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