If you want to watch the IPL match, show Covid’s negative test report: BCCI

NewsDio Desk : The new cases of Covid 19 has resulted in massive bewilderment as it is all set to manifest in alarming proportions, unfortunately. Now, in the wake of such a dangerous situation, the IPL season has to be closely safeguarded where the interest of spectators have to be closely looked into.
So, as a spectator if you are going to watch the match, then you have to come up with a negative report of the RT-PCR test which should have taken place within 48 hours. 

The concerning circumstances have seriously created a certain dangerous news owing to the fact that just  last Saturday, 10 ground staff members were tested positive. However, it is also true that majority of them responded well and recovered. 

However, the latest news has certainly sent shock waves to one and all, as it has rightly necessitated the controlling authority to be on its toes for effective implementation. 

IPL’s craze is not hidden as it is an international event thanks to the involvement of players belonging to different nationalities who come together to play as a team. 

Being the shortest version of game, people naturally have much more charisma and joy to witness the game. However, like previous year, there seems to be a slightly dip in the way the craze has subsided. 

After all, as per the direction of BCCI, the Mumbai Cricket Association has undergone the procedural norm of asking its Apex Council members of authenticating their health related condition by producing a Covid Negative report right before entering the stadium in order to watch IPL 2021. 

Saturday will be the first day for the beginning of the series where the match between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals will be held. 

It is compulsory to produce the test report, even for those who have been vaccinated. The report is to be duly presented every single time the spectator steps in to watch matches daily. Therefore, in order to save yourself, one is required to get tested and if the report is negative, then only one will be entitled to watch the match. 

On Thursday evening, the news came that BCCI is conducting the RT-PCR tests at Wankhede Stadium from 11 am to 1 Pm. 

Those who are interested to undergo the tests were subjected to confirm their availability through a return email. 

However, one thing remains to be the source of biggest concern regarding the travelling of Apex Council member as there is a lockdown on weekends. 

The news gains further significance as the Apex Council members have no permission to travel unlike Office-bearers and staff members. 

Final thoughts

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BCCI is keen to ensure safety of the spectators and rightly so, when the Covid 19 related cases are almost reaching very high.

The current wave seems to be no less than that of last year when the hospitals were full and the rising death have made matters worse. One only hopes that the scourge ends once and for all. 

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