Malik Monk unbeatable stint for Hornets will result in more zeros in his next contract

Life is a learning phase and the same can be said for Malik Monk who has equally learned things in great detail in the past year.  Before, speaking about the things where Monk was pissed to the core as it directly related to how he wasn’t able to carry off his stardom well, let’s first delve towards his best phase which came as a result of his past learning phase. Yes, Monk has shut everyone with his career best 36 points over the Miami Heat. The win was extraordinary as it came from overtime one. Similarly in reel life, there is NBA 2K21 MT store which can help you to raise a team of star players to increase your chance of winning as well. The noteworthy thing is that the transactions have been safe, with no reports of suspension from any buyer.

The first three seasons of Monk were surrounded with utter confusion and chaos as his poor performance was certainly not in line with his stature. Yes, he himself used the word “Grown Up” which sums up the extent of dedication, honesty and calmness of mind he has attained now. Similarly, for readers who want to enhance your level of maturity, and are looking to ensure an awesome and electrifying game online, then nba2king is what you should go for. Yes, it offers a highly great platform of witnessing awesome games with your friends, as it equally makes you at the edge of your seat for sure.

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Similar to the online games, his fans wish him to be a part of the winning team as they want to cheer for him by viewing the match from the edges of their seats. Even his coach James Borrego feels that Monk has come of age.     

Monk is now known for his dynamism

The big moment for Monk was made possible with the exit of Terry Rozier who was out with a sudden injury as he got a right ankle sprain. He has received the injury while playing a pivotal role in Saturday’s win over the Bucks.

The big day on Monday witnessed Terry Rozier out of action due to sprained ankle. Due to the sequence which arose out of the same, rookie LaMelo Ball started with his first NBA. However, after the game had ended, Monk said that he saw nervousness in the face of the Ball. However, to his reaction, Ball said that it was just another game for him.

Monk was in rotation. However, the untimely injury of Rozier expanded his minutes and role. He did justify his new position where he made his first four 3 pointers.  He was quite the star for his team with 14 fourth quarter points on 4 of 6 shooting which is quite noteworthy to say the least.

As per the version of coach, he is quite dynamic. It is true that based on his performance of late; there are going to be more zeroes which should be added to his next contract. Since, he has proved to be quite a star player which added to his maturity level. Thanks to the lessons of life which he has learned during the course of this past one year is enough to create in him a “changed person” as he has become today.

Things were only different a couple of weeks back, when Monk was sitting behind with half-dozen other wings. However, as the coach saw in him a ray of hope and optimism which moved him ahead of Cody and Caleb Martin and Jalen McDaniels. As he has proved and showcased his stint while becoming one of Charlotte’s top reserves where he has to his credit of getting more than a smattering of minute each game

Considering the extent of the changed person he has become, it is true that he has learnt the art of living life where he doesn’t get into depression or tax his mind too much and certainly he doesn’t become pissed if he isn’t included in rotation like before.

He was quite shocked when the thing didn’t happen as per his expectations where he was quite sure of being in the rotation. This phase has taught him a lesson of not being too personal while waiting for the right time, if there is an adverse situation.  Or else, taxing too much mind will only mess one’s life. It becomes quite hard for few of the personalities to maintain the decorum in their lives and not to fall prey to the outside sheen. Similarly, Monk did go astray a little. There has been a roller coaster ride for him as his career was marred with anti-drug policy last February, due to which he was suspended.  However, over the time, as per his reaction, he has changed himself for the better. Yes, he has become a person who is more serious and certainly calmer and a person who takes it easy.

Considering the life changing thought of the man who speaks volumes about the struggles which he has faced, it is no wonder to take inspiration from this ideology and thought process. Likewise, the best thing is that he has learnt things the hard way and it is also true that those who stand up after falling down in their careers tend to have a more careful approach towards life. Hence, based on the past learning experience for the man, the future seems to be bright for him where he is going to hit the ground with a positive approach towards life. This fact has certainly made him a more matured and humble human being as a person as well who will possibly not going to make twice the same mistake again in life for sure, based on how careful he is going to be in life. 

He is all set to attract sponsors who will be willing to pay him more for the proven skills where it seems to be no stopping for him for sure. 

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