The Top Whisky Brands In Singapore That You Will Love

Top Whisky Brands In Singapore

There are thousands of brands of whiskeys being produced in distilleries all over the world. It is not easy to choose just one or even a few brands. Such being the case, how do you choose the top whisky brands in Singapore?   

Important tips for choosing a whisky

  • Age- older, the better
  • Alcohol Strength – 51% and above alcohol content are called cask-strength.
  • Type of whiskey depending on flavor/ taste-
  1. Irish Whisky- Malt based aged in wooden casks
  2. Scotch Whisky- Malt or grain-based, aged in oak barrel
  3. Canadian Whisky- High percentage of corn, rye, wheat, or barley
  4. Japanese Whisky – Finer and Higher standards.
  5. Bourbon Whisky – Corn-based distilled in oak barrels 
  6. American-style whisky – Corn-based aged in oak barrels
  7. Tennessee Whisky – Basically a bourbon
  8. Rye Whisky – Rye, corn, and barley. Spicier
  9. Single Malt Whisky- created with Malted barley
  10. Blended Whisky- A mix of all kinds of whiskeys
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The top whisky brands in Singapore

 We did extensive research, and here are the top brands of whiskey available in Singapore. Click here also  to find out more.

  • Chivas Regal Extra- With a deep aroma and fruity sweetness, it is an award-winning whiskey. The combination is unusual and has hints of fruits, chocolate, ginger, and coffee. The flavors hint of vanilla, almonds, and cinnamon. It is sweet and creamy to taste. 
  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony – This unusual whisky comes from Japan, a combination of two whiskies (malt and wheat) from two different distilleries. The elegant taste is pleasant with notes of honey, herbs, and orange. It is very expensive and yet popular. 
  • Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is brewed using corn, rye, and barley and aged in new oak barrels. Spices and cinnamon complement the flavors of vanilla, toffee, and fruits. The mixture of aroma and spices and smoky taste make it very popular. It is difficult to find as it is much in demand. It provides great quality and good value. 
  • Ballantine’s 21 Years Old Scotch Whisky – It has a smooth and yet intense flavor of spice. It is good for cold nights and also special celebrations. The floral and fruity aroma and color add to its taste. The whisky is aged in oak casks. It has a lower 50% alcohol content and can be enjoyed neat. 
  • Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old Whisky- It has a sweet and fruity taste denoting warm spices. It has hints of vanilla and honey. It has a buttery aroma and silky smoothness, making it a popular whiskey. 
  • Bulleit Bourbon Whisky – It is a complex blend of rye, corn, and malt. The taste comes from yeast and water filtered through limestone. Maple and nutmeg add to the aroma of sweet oak. The spicy and sweet taste has given this whiskey many awards. It is a strong bourbon at 90 % proof and must be savored slowly. 
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 We can say that this list does not have many other names that we would have liked to add to the list of the best whiskies in Singapore. You can find many timeless whisky collections in the fantastic bars and wine stores here if you care for the perfect taste and smoothness. Make it a beautiful experience with your favorite whisky, and enjoy it with friends. 

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