Whether foreign spectators hold the ground at Tokyo Olympics? Decision reserved for May

Lausanne: Thomas Bach who is a president of International Olympic Committee has quipped whether foreign spectators will be a part of the delayed 2020 Olympics, well it will be decided by late April or early May.

The game which had to be postponed last year  due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is now rescheduled in Tokyo for July 23rd

The organizers are in a fix about the possibility of supporters making to the event where Bach has said, that it will be decided by May. 

He further said that accordingly ticketing programme has to work that way along with the logistics too. Considering the entry of foreign rules, where immigration rules apply as well.

Christophe Dubi who is an IOC sports director has opined that there may be two separate decisions which can be taken over the presence of foreign fans along with Japanese supporters. He further opined that the decision has to be taken as late as possible, but it is needed to be taken as early as it is possible. There are seemingly various hurdles which are surrounding the whole scenario where end of April will be the right time. 

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There has been enough of concerns which are being shown in favor of foreign spectators coming to the country, especially in the present times where Covid 19 hasn’t ended at all. There are new cases we are hearing every now and then. Hence, in such a scenario, the million dollar question still hovers in the minds of everyone, “Whether it will be feasible to invite the foreign spectators”? 

The issue gains significance especially as the fresh round of Covid 19 related cases have begun to create fear in the minds of people. Currently, there has been many cities in the world which were even forced to initiate lockdown due to the same, thus it signifies the gravity of the problem.

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There are people who thinks and consider the chance of calling foreign spectators to be slim as they may not be desirous of coming to the host country due to air of uncertainty surrounding Covid 19.

There has been a consideration where the decision may be taken in two phase, one for local spectators and other for foreign spectators.

There has been a poll done which shows that whopping 80 percent of people in Japan are either canceling or postponing the Olympics further. 

In the wake of the current situation, the internal news coming out of Japan is that Yoshiro Mori has presented his resignation over the charges of sexism row while Seiko Hashimoto has taken over as organizing chief last week. 

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Bach said that a refugee team is going to be finalized in June and importantly, the 55 promising refugee athletes coming out of 13 countries are going to be supported. 

While, if one look back at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, there was a team of 10 refugees who competed the same. 

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