Which Sport Is Easiest To Predict?

It is always exciting and nerve-racking to watch your favorite team play, but it is more thrilling while you predict the gameplay and earn money.   

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Sports prediction is said to be the most accessible type of gambling amongst all. This is the reason for many sports enthusiasts and gamblers to pitch in money every single month. Recently the global gambling market has registered its worth as $500 billion.

But such gambling is always uncertain, and in fact, not all games can be easily predicted. Apart from this, there are a few games where a large number of people bet because they can be predicted easily.

Some of those games are listed below.


Football is a game where every fan will love to watch it with a group of friends and support their favorite team.

The fandom became a major reason for football to become one of the world’s popular betting games. This game easily seeks attention among predictors due to its many die-heart and loyal fans. 

Many novice gamblers choose to bet on football due to its popularity and the chances of winning a large amount. 

After the prediction, the chances of winning are made easy when the gambler chooses the right tip for the particular league or the division, which will give you 80% assurance for winning. Secondly, it is always advised to pick single bets to increase the value of their bookie.

Finally, the gambler chooses their team using the pre-recorded performance statistics of each player and their team as they play various numbers of matches every day.


Prediction in boxing is made purely based on the player’s strengths and power. In other words, two fighters fight against each other to prove their power and supremacy. 

So there is no complicated calculation done by the predictors in this game. People bet after comparing both the players winning history, strengths, and weaknesses. 

It is highly recommended by the professionals to set your prediction in the 2nd round to win a big prize in boxing.

Horse racing 

Back then, horse racing was the most popular betting sports game. But due to the fewer advertisements and awareness these days, the interest among sports enthusiasts has reduced.

Even though this game is not as popular as the other ones on the list, horse racing is still one of the games which can be easily predicted.

Predicting the power of the horses and riders might be difficult in the beginning because all the horses are trained and nourished in the same way. But definitely “practice makes a man perfect” in this game. 

Horse racing predictions grow along with your experience.


In the early stages of being a novice predictor in tennis betting, one must always play safe. This is because this game is all about wagering a huge amount of money to win big. 

Tennis occurs very occasionally, which makes it hard for the predictors. But there are always the top players like Serena Williams or Roger Federer who win most of the matches. So betting on them will be a safer choice if you are a newbie.

And the best part about tennis is that there is no draw in the match, which makes the predictions easy. It’s either player A wins or player B; hence even if you are making a random prediction, the win is always 50% positive or 50% negative.

Final Thoughts 

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These are a few games that can be easily predicted, and also, we have mentioned few winning tricks. If you observe clearly, the prediction mode for each game is slightly different. 

For example, Boxing is made based on an individual’s strength and records, whereas football is based on the team’s strength and the opponent they are facing.

Similarly, for boxing, it is very rare for the game to end as a draw, but it is the opposite when it comes to football.

Predicting a game, on the whole, might seem difficult only until you master the tricks and basic calculations. So now, if you are a beginner, then go for predicting the above-mentioned games to increase the winning chance.

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