Mother’s Day: Lessons By Ellen Gould

Mother’s Day: Lessons By Ellen Gould

Ellen Gould and her husband, Dave is the publisher of 12 newspapers, magazines, websites, and Social media pages. They have eight kids. Ellen Gould shares her personal experience on this, as a mother. All her kids are adults now, the aged group between 13 to27. Let see what message she wants to convey during this mother’s day occasion.

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As a mother of eight children, she seems herself different from her peers. She is always being asked advice on almost every parenting issue, as she has been there and done that. But talking about the year 2020 situation, she says that no one has “been there, or done that.” She knew that this year mother’s day would be unfamiliar to her. Her lifelong dream was to be a mother and yes she is.

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Ellen’s Mother and her Past

However, she was also a daughter once. Now she is the oldest mother in her family. This is because her mother passed away on September 11, 2019. Her name was Linda Martin Winstead. And obviously she was the best mother to her. She loved all her five children and always gave whatever they needed. They felt completely secure with them and got much love and affection. She further adds that nothing can hurt her when she was with them. Ellen makes it satisfactory by revealing that, “What more could a child really ask for?

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Rewind in memories

Ellen looks back in her past for guidance from her mother. She looks back on her early memories. Ellen says that she brought out her sewing machine and began to craft some handmade masks. She made her work divided into four sections for her children. Since they are quarantined at home they may help her out by works like cutting, ironing, and sewing.

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Various Task at home

Ellen tried to make her kids work where they might enjoy sewing or create something that they get from other suppliers. After then she changed her plan to dividing work among children as cooking duties. Every child on his/her turn prepared a shopping list and cooked dinner with the help of their parents. This task surprised her because all her children liked it. They suggested menus for dinner and were pro-active for their turns. One of her children is busy with some crafting projects, whose skills were taught by her mother. Another one played and enjoyed Jigsaw puzzles. She notices that most of the lost and hidden talent was enlightened in this quarantine.

All of them were engaged in physical activities either by concrete projects or some other work. She says that her husband cleaned up the garage and she herself cleaned toys and roller skates and sports equipment. Seeing herself being engaged with physical activities she remembers the words of her mother, “we might need that someday.” Sports equipment was used by eight of her kids and also cars cannot be put into the garage.

Changes in lifestyle

Ellen asks a lot of questions to herself. She concludes that all daily activities have been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After being quarantined she ends up saying that it taught her much about life and how it is over scheduled.

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