Why did the outer banks Netflix filming locations changed?

Why did the outer banks Netflix filming locations changed?
Why did the outer banks Netflix filming locations changed?

Outer Banks, a new and popular series that is currently being streamed on Netflix involves the story of the teens, who happen to discover a wreck full of hidden treasures. It portrays the group of teenagers who spend their vacation in search of John B’s (a character in the series) missing father. Hence, the series involves a lot of scenes alongside the beaches. 

Outer Banks on Netflix was actually a series that was set in North Carolina. However, it was originally filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. The show was filmed back in May, 2019. 

Was Outer Banks filmed in Outer Banks?

The series “Outer Banks” was actually filmed in the Outer Banks that was a fictional location and this town is primarily situated off the coast of North Carolina. It is recognised as a popular tourist destination and the best thing about this barrier island is that the location has got a lot of beautiful and pristine beaches alongside. 

Sadly, the Redfield Lighthouse that you did see in the series doesn’t actually exist. However, there is a Morris Island Lighthouse in South Carolina where a lot of scenes from the series were filmed. Another significant location that you would probably notice in the series was that of Kiara’s favorite – The Wreck restaurant. Well, that actually existed and it was located on Hatteras Island, The Wreck Tiki Bar and Food. It has been open since the year 2011. The interpretation of the restaurant in the series is a bit different than the way it actually looked like!

Where is the Outer Banks located?

The seas surrounding this barrier island are recognized as the deadliest regions of the location, and are thus named as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”. According to sources, the Outer Banks were shot in Wilmington, North Carolina. Indeed, that was the spot that the creator of the show, Jonas Pate has always been up for! However, a location shift did happen before the shoot was conducted because of anti-LGBTQ legislation dated back to the year 2016. Hence, the decision was changed and the final location for the shoot was none other than Charleston. 

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