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Many individuals organize events to celebrate a particular occasion like a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary. Businesses also organize parties and other events to launch a new product, celebrate or for networking. Most individuals and businesses do not want to disrupt their homes or offices for holding the event, since a large number of people will be attending the event. Hence they are looking for a suitable event space in Singapore which they can hire for the event. Some of the factors which should be considered while hiring the event space are discussed below.

People attending

One of the most important factors which should be considered while hiring the event space is the number of people who are invited to the event. Even if all the invitees do not attend this determines the area required. In most cases, the attendees will be seated, if they will be standing, less space will be required. The event organizer usually specifies the area of the website venue available in terms of the number of people who can be accommodated at a time. If more space is required between the people in the room, then fewer people should be invited.

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Another important consideration while organizing an event is whether the event space is providing the furniture. In some cases, especially for smaller event spaces, usually furniture is provided . This furniture includes chairs and tables for all those attending. Many of the events are held at restaurants, which already have furniture which is included in the rental for the event. In some cases, the existing furniture may not be adequate due to which the event organized may have to rent some more furniture or get furniture from the home or office for the event.

Decor and food

For most events especially parties and corporate events the event venue is decorated. In some cases, the event owner can arrange for the decor while in other cases, the event organizer will do the decor. Depending on the duration and kind of event food will also be served to all the event attendees. For shorter duration events usually only snacks and beverages are served, while meals like lunch or dinner may be provided for longer duration events. In some cases, especially for events held at restaurants are also providing catering for the events they host, while in other cases, the event organizer is making the catering arrangements.

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Rental period and other terms

One of the factors which determines the cost of hiring the event space is the duration for which it will be rented. Usually there is a minimum time period for which the event space is hired, and the rental amount will increase if the event space is rented for a longer duration. Typically the event organizer also has to pay a deposit, which is refunded after the event if there is no damage to the event space, furniture, fittings being rented. The event organizer is also expected to clean up the event space after the event is over, or else some fees will be deducted from the deposit.

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